But it’s the one who should’ve gotten away who haunts him the

Saturday at 2791 W. Center St. Ext., Lexington. Raw chicken wings stored next to soapy water in sink basin. Spatulas above three bay sink not stored clean. Pizza boxes stored on floor in rear kitchen. What happens a lot of times is we lose sight of that. We think we know who the guilty party is, and we begin building evidence to ensure that we get a conviction, no matter what.”Indeed, of the hundreds of innocent people who have been exonerated by DNA evidence over the past couple of decades, more than one quarter of them had confessed in their cases, national statistics show.Trainum spent nearly four decades in the District police department and worked many of its highest profile cases: the Starbucks triple homicide, the Gallaudet serial killer, Chandra Levy. But it’s the one who should’ve gotten away who haunts him the most.His lawyers will cut him from crotch to crown if he says anything more while an appeal to a now dismissed civil suit is pending, but Trainum has told the tale before and under oath: In 1994, a woman named Kim Crafton confessed during a police interrogation to helping in the kidnapping/robbery/killing of Lawrence O’Connell, a Voice of America employee.

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