“It is a lesson about our humanity

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Replica Celine Luggage This program blends practical safety information with fun activities. Fort building and fire making will be part of this outdoor afternoon. Pre register by calling 279 1155.. I know a lot of you are all high and mighty Yukoners who know so much more then everyone else but here’s a news flash for you: Having a presence at these events actually does help!! You realize 95% of the world has no clue where the Yukon even is on a map right? When you Regular Einsteins come up with a better idea on how to generate income and sorely needed jobs for the Yukon private sector (you know, we DO have one here), feel free to present your plan and apply for funds to attend trade shows. But you don’t have a plan and you never have/never will. All you have is a sore back from sitting in your chair collecting your government pay cheques for so long Replica Celine Luggage.


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