Macy’s shares, which are down more than 50% from their 2015

A: Ready to eat salad greens are packaged in what is called a “modified atmosphere,” and that is all the preservative that is needed besides refrigeration. The air in the bag is a very specialized mixture. Most of the oxygen has been removed. After a disappointing 2015, Macy’s plans to restructure its business and eliminate more than 4,500 positions.(Photo: AP)Capping a disappointing holiday season, Macy’s (M) will eliminate more than 4,500 positions as part of a restructuring plan to turn around the department store’s slumping sales, the company said Wednesday.Citing the need for more efficiency and productivity, Macy’s plans to make several cuts across its stores, offices and a call center Replica Handbags, including eliminating an average of three to four positions at each of approximately 770 Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s stores. About 3,000 associates will be affected, but Macy’s said roughly half are expected to be placed in other positions.An additional 600 back office positions will be eliminated as well Replica Handbags, with about 150 people being reassigned elsewhere; Macy’s will also offer a “voluntary separation opportunity” to roughly 165 senior executives who meet certain age and service requirements. The total number of layoffs, discounting those expected to be reassigned, is more than 2,100.Macy’s shares, which are down more than 50% from their 2015 high, jumped 4.8% in after hours trading after the news came out.USA TODAYAs Macy seeks efficiency, which stores will it close?The announcement comes as Macy’s suffered a significant sales decline during the holiday season.

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