The Nashville Fire Marshal Office

Sam Dreyfus, Oakley; 4. Sage Weston, Rich. 152 1. Set in the fictional coastal village of Boxham in the months leading up to the catastrophic floods of January 1953, the play explores the complex and turbulent relationships of the Spence family who struggle to make sense of their tragic history in the face of unreliable and conflicting memories. A cast of professional actors will be joined by a chorus recruited from the communities where the play is performed. The tour continues to Hindolveston Village Hall (April 22), The Garage, Norwich (April 23), Atrium Theatre, North Walsham (April 28), Westacre Theatre (April 29), Aylsham Town Hall (April 30).

replica oakleys NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) The Nashville Fire Marshal Office shut down a place where Nashville artists would collaborate move that could have possibly saved lives, according to Metro top zoning official.The barbershop at 4003 Indiana Avenue wasn designed to be a music venue, but it was being used as one.The Fire Marshal Office started investigating after a concerned parent contacted the Channel 4 I Team and Metro Codes.The parent said she sent the complaint after a warehouse caught fire in Oakland, killing 36 people. That structure housed an artists collective.Less than 12 hours after receiving the complaint, the fire marshal cited the Nashville collective known as DrkMttr.was never inspected to be safe for that kind of operation, said Bill Herbert, the director for Metro Zoning.DrkMttr hosted an event Monday night, charging admission to members of the public.In a report, investigators noted approximately 120 people going in and out of the small neighborhood barbershop.patrons were observed outside the building, drinking assorted alcoholic beverages and standing around a 55 gallon burn barrel, wrote Kevin Neville, assistant fire cheap oakleys marshal.Both structures on either side of the property are apparently vacant. Neville also noticed loud music from a live band could be heard from the street.Herbert said the property was neither zoned nor permitted to be used as a music venue, a night club or a private club. replica oakleys

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