Eat Like You Give A Damn – Book Review

Eat Like You Give A Damn – Book Review


By Melanie Powers, Social Media & Product Reviews Manager

Entrepreneurs and ethical vegans Michelle Schwegmann & Josh Hooten founders of Herbivore a company dedicated to promoting a cruelty free lifestyle through their vegan clothing line and accessories have released their very own cookbook “Eat Like You Give A Damn”.  In their own words the authors say ”Eat Like You Give A Damn is a cookbook for new ethical vegans. It is also what we eat at home pretty much all the time. It is a diary of our meals, our lives, and a walk down memory lane of the past 13 years, running Herbivore and watching veganism and cruelty-free living become mainstream subjects and household words.”   

This book is without a doubt one of the BEST vegan cookbooks I’ve personally come across and it turns out I’m not alone in my thinking.  It recently was crowned by VegNews as the winner of the best vegan cookbook of 2015!  I just love the style in which it is written and how the authors add their fun loving personality into the little stories with each recipe.  This book is truly family friendly and has so many amazing recipes that are practical and super easy to make.  I have been working my way through this book and have yet to find a recipe that I don’t love!  It features over 100 recipes and tons of full color photos. Some of my breakfast faves are the Tofu Scramble (pg 25), and the Farm Pancakes (pg 31).  These pancakes are the most delicious & simple vegan pancakes I’ve made and they turn out perfect every time!  This book features an extensive selection of recipes for tons of amazing dressings, sauces, cheese recipes and basic tofu/tempeh staples.  Their House Dressing and Tahini Sauce is just wonderful.  Tofu Ricotta is super yummy!  And don’t forget to try their “Better Than Bacon Coconut Flakes” (page 69).  Onto the soups…the Sunny Split Pea Soup (page 95) is so comforting and flavorful, and their own Herbivore Chili is super delicious.  My favorite Main Dish is their Hungry Vegan Pot Pie (page 128) with their Cream Biscuits (page 22) and Sweetpea Snickerdoodles (page 169) and Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Pudding (page 170) are wonderful options for dessert.

This book is the perfect book for anyone following a vegan diet.  From beginner to lifelong vegan this book is a beautiful reminder of why following a vegan diet and lifestyle is the ultimate way to live and eat.

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Melanie Powers

Author: Melanie Powers

Melanie Powers is Veg Family's Reviews and Social Media Manager. With a degree in Business Administration and Marketing and an array of skills such as customer service, team leadership, research, teaching, public speaking, graphic design, email marketing, and caring for her own family, Melanie is our all around energizer! She is our Reviews Manager for products and books and also serves as our Social Media Guru. She lives in Canada with her husband and two adorable girls.

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