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Vegan Weigh Down

  • Low Calorie Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss and Healthy Living. Going vegan doesn't automatically mean weight loss or healthy eating. The vegan community is filled with overweight and unhealthy vegans as a result of poor food choices and unhealthy cooking. This book is a collection of tasty, easy-to-make recipes that use whole foods and are low in fat and calories and it includes a chapter of our Vegan Pantry collection as well.

The Vegan Pantry

  • Par for the course of vegan cooking and baking is substituting food items that are dairy or animal food-based. The Vegan Pantry offers vegan substitutions and staples to help you create your own dishes without the need for similar commercial products. You'll find delicious and nutritious recipes for things like vegan cheeses, whipped toppings, creams, milks, egg replacements, condiments, stocks, sauces, and pantry mixes. Once your order is placed we will send you the download via email attachment. It is a pdf file, so be sure you can read a pdf on your computer.

  • 200 delicious, easy to make recipes your kids will love! Healthy and easy makes this the cookbook you'll reach for first.

  • Learn how to handle all the social and emotional challenges that come with raising vegan children. Includes real tips from real parents. Currently out of print and available only at a premium price in the bookseller's market, now you can get the very popular Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World as digital download.