Extraordinary Vegan

Extraordinary Vegan

extraordinaryvegansmlBy Alan Roettinger
Review by Melanie Powers

For more than 30 years, Alan Roettinger has been a private chef to the “rich and famous”. In his new cookbook, Extraordinary Vegan, he delivers more than a 100 recipes that are creative, healthy and super delicious. And although he is a professional chef, these recipes aren’t over complicated to prepare and do not have tons of obscure ingredients…which sometimes you find in books written by chefs. Allan combines the best of both worlds…gourmet foods with simplicity.

For me personally I really like a cookbook to be in full color with pictures on almost every page and while this book doesn’t have that, it does have 4 sections of full color glossy photos throughout the book. But don’t let that deter you from this book, Alan’s knowledge of food and insight into the experience of preparing and eating delicious vegan food is worth it. Oh and an added bonus of this cookbook is that every recipe is also gluten free!

This book is selling fast so grab a copy of Extraordinary Vegan while you can!


Author: VegFamily

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