Going Raw For Weight Loss: Is it Healthy?

Going Raw For Weight Loss: Is it Healthy?

loseweightMy question is about going raw for weight loss. I’ve read Green Smoothie Revolution and there’s a story in there of a guy who lost over 200 pounds in about 7 months by drinking green smoothies and eating raw vegetables. He said he suffered no negative effects to his health, he had no saggy skin as a result, even the grey in his hair went back to his normal hair color!  Do you recommend such an approach to losing weight? Are there any concerns nutritionally? Do you have any other suggestions for weight loss? Thanks!

 I recommend to my clients that they consume my Glowing Green Smoothie every day throughout the morning, and consume a large salad and other raw foods at the beginning, and as the bulk of lunch and dinner. These foods are loaded with toxin-cleansing, filling fiber, and have their enzymes intact. However, if one tries to go “all raw” immediately, serious detox symptoms may arise that may be very uncomfortable. Healthy cooked foods, such as the grains quinoa and millet, lightly cooked veggies, baked sweet potatoes etc. add some stimulation to our diet and help keep us on a lifestyle change for the long-term. As long as you are eating a plant and greens-based diet, you do not have to fixate on being 100% raw to lose the weight you are looking to lose. In fact, the aforementioned cooked foods will add balance and heaviness to the diet, without the copious amounts of calorically dense oil and nuts that make up some completely raw diets. 

Taking a high quality multi-vitamin/multi-mineral can be good insurance to be sure one is getting all the key nutrients. Sprinkling 1-2 Tbs. a day of ground flaxseed on the dinner salad ensures we are getting our daily Omega fatty acids. Vegans should also supplement with B12.

Kimberly Snyder

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