How to Cook Tofu

How to Cook Tofu

asian-tofuI’m looking for more appealing ways to make tofu so my family will enjoy it. Can you do something like fry tofu so we can just pick it up and eat it? How do we make it taste good? How do you fry it?

Tofu is so versatile you can do lots of things with it. You can steam it though steaming before using it in a recipe is optional. Lightly steaming tofu in a small sauce pan with water to cover for about five minutes helps those not fond of the taste of tofu. Steaming or poaching tofu (don’t boil as this turns the tofu rubbery) will make it more digestible and palatable by eliminating the raw soybean flavor. It is especially good to steam tofu before using it in a recipe that calls for uncooked tofu, such as a salad, dips, dressings, spreads or puddings.

If you are using tofu in a recipe where you are baking, sauteeing, frying, broiling, then after steaming tofu, you must drain the tofu, then press it to extract the liquid from it. This is recommended so the tofu can absorb the marinade or seasonings.

Extract the excess water in the tofu by wrapping it in a paper towel, then wrap in a clean dish towel. Place a small board on top and a weight such as the base of a blender or food processor. After about an hour, remove the towels and the tofu is ready to be used. You can then fry it as you wish, with a coating or simply in a bit of oil with spices. 

You can also marinate tofu to make it tastier. Simply make a favorite marinade. Here is a good one. Equal parts good quality tamari, a sweetener such as maple or rice syrup, mirin (a sweet cooking vinegar), water, fresh garlic and ginger. Marinate for several hours before using any method of cooking the tofu. I’d suggest baking slices or cubes of tofu before I would frying as healthier and easier for you.

Ann Gentry

Author: Ann Gentry

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