Popsicle Picture Frames

Popsicle Picture Frames


You can make lots of things out of Popsicle sticks, also called craft sticks. You can get a whole box of them at a craft store, or recycle them from frozen treats. 

These frames make great presents for grandparents, parents, teachers and everyone else, too! 


  • 4 Popsicle sticks
  • Paint or markers
  • Stickers, glitter, buttons, beads or other embellishments
  • A picture – it can be a photo, a drawing or something cut out of a magazine
  • Scissors


  1. Decorate the sticks with the paint and/or markers, or leave them as plain wood.
  2. Glue the sticks into a square to make a frame. Let it dry.
  3. Add glitter, stickers or write a message on the sticks.
  4. Glue the frame onto the picture.
  5. Trim any extra picture with the scissors.

Other Ideas:

  • Glue a loop of ribbon, string or yarn to the back of the frame if you want to hang it.
  • Glue a magnet onto the back of the frame and use it on the refrigerator or any other metal surface.
  • Instead of a picture you could frame your favorite saying, words to a song or even a poem.
  • Use more or less than 4 sticks and make other shapes.
  • Use sticks you find outside.
  • Recycle old holiday cards to make great ornaments.


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