Riley’s Top Ten Vegan Treats

Riley’s Top Ten Vegan Treats

top-tenby Riley Winograd

I’m Riley and I am 15 years old. My brother Will is 11. We’ve been vegans since birth. And we are your typical American kids: we love pie, cake, cookies, donuts, and candy. Although our mom usually controls our sweets intake, all we have to do is ask our dad if it is ok and he usually says yes. That’s why we call him the King of Sweets. We get annoyed when he occasionally says “Go ask your mom” because we know what that means. Anyway, my brother and I will be writing about our favorite vegan things. This is a blog for kids by kids.



My Top 10 Vegan Treats 


Jokerz bars are a delicious vegan version of Snickers’ bars. There is chocolate on the outside, caramel and peanuts and nougat in the middle.


Booja Booja’s truffles are little chocolate bon-bons with a hazelnut filling. They have a slightly dark chocolate taste when you first bite into them, then they become creamy and delicious. They also smell good. We get these on holidays, usually in an Easter basket or a stocking on Christmas.


Ah!Laska chocolate syrup is a smooth, sugary syrup I like to put in vanilla soy milk to make hot chocolate. It tastes so good which is why I drink it almost every night. Top with vegan marshmallows!


Marshmallows are made with gelatin, which is made from the skin and bones of animals. I love animals, so I do not eat gelatin. But I love marshmallows, too. Sweet & Sara’s vanilla marshmallows are the best. Put them in your hot chocolate.


Eli’s Treasure bars are new and they are delicious. They are super soft and peanut buttery. There is also a Big Dream bar made by the same company which is also very good and nutty. 


Whole Foods makes really delicious vegan donuts. They are super yummy! My favorites are the ones they sell during holidays, which they decorate to match. During the 4th of July, they are white, with red and blue icing. On Halloween, they are orange and look like pumpkins. They also come in chocolate, maple, and other flavors too.


Jello is fun to eat when it is not made from gelatin. Cool Cups are slippery and yummy! There are orange, peach-mango, and black cherry flavors. I like the orange flavor the best. I’m not crazy about going shopping, so I get through it by eating a couple of these while we are still in the store.


The Surf Sweets gummy swirls are really chewy and good to eat. They are little pink and orange swirls that satisfy your sweet tooth.


The Whole Foods blueberry muffins are so good! They have a nice texture, and the berries in them are sweet.


These are like gummy bears. Sharkies fruit chews are sweet and delicious. Sometimes my dad goes crazy and buys the whole box. I like it when he goes crazy.

All of these sweets are really good. And they are good to animals, too. All you have to do is ask whichever one of your parents is the King or Queen of Sweets to buy them for you.

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