Simply Natural Baby Food

Simply Natural Baby Food

simply natural baby foodSimply Natural Baby Food
by Cathe Olson
Review by Erin Pavlina 

Taking the step to solids is a huge transition for a baby so you are right to be concerned about your choices when selecting foods to begin with. There’s so much evidence out there about the better nutritional value (and less harmful ingredients) in whole foods. That applies to your baby too. Simple, homemade foods are the best solution – much better than the prepared, processed foods in the market.  

This book is a godsend to parents who want to make their own baby food and aren’t sure how to do it or what to make. The book contains more than 150 recipes that span the ages of 4 months all the way to toddler-hood. Although the author includes recipes that contain meat and dairy products, she provides vegetarian and vegan alternatives for nearly all recipes.

The book is broken down by age range so you can concentrate on making foods that are appropriate for the range your child is in. Cooking and parenting tips are generously scattered throughout the book as well. The recipes are healthy, quick to prepare, and wholesome. I can’t wait to try these recipes on my own kids! 

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Erin Pavlina

Author: Erin Pavlina

Erin Pavlina is the author of Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World, and a new cookbook, Vegan Family Favorites. She lives in Las Vegas with her vegan husband and children, Emily and Kyle.

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