Sprouted Potatoes – Are They Edible?

Sprouted Potatoes – Are They Edible?

sprouted potatoesQ Is it safe to eat potatoes that have begun sprouting or that have turned a little green?


A No, it isn’t. Potatoes that have a green cast have been exposed to light, they’ll taste bitter and can make you ill. If your potato is sprouting, then it is too old. 

The rules of potatoes are:

  • Don’t purchase them with cracks, discoloring, withered skin or sprouting eyes and don¹t use them if you find them that way in your kitchen. Just throw them out.
  • Do not store them in plastic bags, or paper bags or the refrigerator.
  • Store potatoes in a cool well ventilated place. Potatoes keep for about two weeks.
  • This applies to all varieties of potatoes including sweet potatoes and yams.


Ann Gentry

Author: Ann Gentry

Ann Gentry is a chef, restaurateur, food educator and visionary. She opened Real Food Daily in Los Angeles 1993, a totally vegan and organic restaurant that has since spawned another in West Hollywood. Please visit Real Food Daily to find out more about this truly unique restaurant and to learn more about Ann Gentry.

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