The Protein Revolution in Your Kitchen

The Protein Revolution in Your Kitchen


by Marilyn Diamond

Protein, protein, protein. 

Who isn’t focused on protein? If you’re like me, I’m sure you spend at least a few minutes everyday making sure you’re getting your protein. 

There’s a protein revolution going on today. You really ought to know about it. It’s happening in the chic restaurants on the beach in Santa Monica, California, where diet revolutions take birth. Hollywood stars with the prettiest skin and most slender, taut-muscled bodies are into it. Celebrity chefs are racing to master it. And web commerce businesses that push it are thriving. 

It’s the rage in Boston, the buzz in Miami. 

It’s spreading like wildfire from in San Diego to Wichita to Philadelphia, PA. 

You may as well jump on the bandwagon. It’s going to overtake everything else in the diet world in the months and years to come. Why wait? 

Why not be the first in your group to look like you just came from one of those $25,000 health spa experiences that took twenty-five pounds and twenty-five years off your life? 

If you’re like me, you want to see some serious rejuvenation when you look in the mirror. But you’re not interested in Botox, chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion, lyposuction, jaw and cheek implants and all the other pricey, temporary “solutions.” 

If you’re worn out from the struggle to lose those annoying bulges, this is your kind of revolution. If you want to go to the jean size you wore when you know you looked your best, now’s the time. You can do it so fast you won’t believe your eyes. 

It’s not a fad, really. Before we had fire, we knew the value of sprouting grains, legumes and seeds. We knew instinctively that Nature had created them as potent nutritional bundles of health and energy. Without science at our disposal to tell us what we needed, we automatically germinated and sprouted these concentrated natural sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. 

Hung up on protein? 

Amino acids are proteins in their most digestible form. Pound for pound, lentils and other sprouted beans give you as much protein as red meat, chicken or fish, with none of the fat, cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics, and dangerous rendered feed residues found in animal proteins today. 

Not to mention the cost. 

The lentils and other beans you sprout in your kitchen cost just pennies per pound. Think about this the next time you pull out your wallet for a slender package of skinless, boneless chicken breasts or fish fillets. 

Just this month, try something different. Grow fresh protein in your kitchen. 

Simply purchase a pound of red or green lentils or mung beans. You’ll find them in packages in your supermarket or in bulk in your favorite natural food store. 

Soak about a cup of lentils or mung beans overnight in a covered container. Drain them in your colander and rinse them well to be sure you washed off all the natural inhibitors that keep them from sprouting until you need them to sprout. Now leave them right in the colander, on your kitchen counter, spreading them out a little so they don’t clump together. 

And watch what happens. 

In only a few hours to just about a day, lentils and mung beans will start to grow little tails. As they begin to sprout, rinse them occasionally, and you’ll see a miniature, kitchen garden of tiny, power-packed, living plants. When the tails are just barely visible, place the sprouts in an airtight container and store them in your fridge. They’ll continue to sprout more slowly. 

If rejuvenating weight loss is your goal, this is the clean, fat-free, practically instantly-absorbed protein you want for a beautiful body. 

Now once, or twice a day, if you’re motivated, add your sprouts to your salad. I say twice a day, because, like me, you may love this revolutionary high-protein, power-packed meal so much, you’ll occasionally want it that often, not only for the slenderizing protein, but also for the abundance of vitamins and minerals, in readily available, economical form. 


I mix my dressing directly into a large salad bowl. I use twice as much good quality olive oil as lemon juice, and add some sea salt, whisking this mixture into a smooth, creamy slenderizing dressing. 

Now I add plenty of ripe, sliced tomatoes and some chopped basil, mint and thyme. The tomatoes and herbs macerate while I prepare the rest of the salad. I chop my favorite greens: baby spinach, mesclun, baby lettuces, romaine, butter or Boston lettuce finely, so they absorb lots of the dressing. I thinly slice unpeeled cucumbers and radishes. They add the silicon and sulfur I need for healthy hair, skin and nails. Sometimes, I toss in lots of oil-cured olives, high in protein and fatty acids, and low in salt. 

Time to add the sprouts from my kitchen harvest, about ½ to one cup per person. 

Then I toss and toss to insure my REVOLUTIONARY HIGH PROTEIN SALAD is really well blended and combined. I Serve my self an ample portion and eat it slowly, chewing well to appreciate the textures and flavors of living protein for my living body. 

Are you sick and tired of how the years take their toll on your health? Are you bored and frustrated with all the confusing and contradictory diet fads and trends? Would you enjoy having so much energy you practically never run out? How about having the confidence to know each time you sit down to the dinner table that you’re preventing, rather than causing disease? How would you like to watch the pounds and decades literally melt from your body? 

You can do it. Thousands of people are already experiencing these results and benefits. The revolution is happening all around you. 

Why wait to be a part of this growing trend? 

Marilyn Diamond of Fit for Life, is the co-founder with Dr. Donald Schnell of the SPIRITUAL JAVA Rejuvenation Program that is transforming thousands. The New Spiritual Diet, Incredible Value, One on One Coaching. Amazing Results. Free Motivational Newsletter, The Buzz


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