Vegan Bite By Bite

Vegan Bite By Bite

If you or someone you know is looking to change to a healthier plant-based diet, put Marilyn Peterson’s new book Vegan Bite by Bite guide at the top of your shopping list. This book is like having your own personal coach to guide you through the transition to a new way of eating.

In a relaxed, personable style, Peterson helps the reader avoid the pitfalls that might hinder success. To begin with, she suggests creating a vision for what you want to accomplish with these dietary changes. For some it might be health reasons – Peterson lists many ways that a vegan diet is healthier – for others it might be weight loss or a more positive relationship with food. Whatever the reason, Peterson knows that changing old habits is tough and having a clear goal will keep you motivated.

The book also gives suggestions for preparing your environment. She gives advice for cleaning out your pantry, grocery shopping and eating out. Peterson suggests starting with vegan versions of familiar foods before moving on to a whole foods diet. She includes shopping lists, substitutes for animal products, and sample menus. And for those with friends and relatives who may be skeptical, Peterson provides information to dispel the dairy and protein myths that scare many away from a vegan diet.

The second half of the book contains recipes to get your through your transition period. There are family-friendly recipes for salads, soups, sandwiches, entrees, side dishes, desserts, and more. Most are vegan versions of traditional American favorites like BLT, Macaroni and Cheese, and Mock Chicken Salad to help with the transition period, but there are some whole foods recipes as well. We particularly liked the Roasted Root Vegetables and Creamy Cauliflower Soup.

I would recommend this book to anyone changing from a traditional American diet to a vegetarian, vegan, or a more plant-based, whole foods diet.

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Cathe Olson

Author: Cathe Olson

Cathe Olson is the author of the new nondairy ice cream cookbook: Lick It! Cream Dreamy Vegan Ice Cream Your Mouth Will Love, as well as Simply Natural Baby Food and The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook. Visit Cathe’s blog at

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