Vegan Pancakes

Vegan Pancakes

pancakesIs there a secret to making perfect vegan pancakes? Mine usually come out rubbery or flat. I want light, airy, delicious pancakes!

A Making great pancakes starts with a great recipe. Check out VegFamily’s Food section for several good ones. With a good recipe in hand you need to perfect your approach to cokking them. Oil is important but it depends on how you are cooking them. If you are using a flat top griddle then you can brush the flat top with oil once and pancake away. If you are using a skillet then you will have to add a little oil between each pancake.

The best tip I can give is this – the griddle or skillet must be hot so that when the batter hits the pan the pancake starts cooking right away. If your skillet is not hot enough your pancakes will cook unevenly and can ruin even the best of pancake recipes. 


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