Veganism Saved My Life!

Veganism Saved My Life!


In Nov 2010 I went to see my Cardiologist for my annual check-up. I don’t have cholesterol problems; in 2005, I had a valve and a hole between two chambers in my heart repaired. My doctor is pretty severe. In the past year I had gained 25+ pounds. She took out a tape measure and told me that at 207 lbs with a 42 in waist, I was obese and heading for a quick death. What upset me the most was that she told me I needed to start eating meat again to lose the weight. The reason I chose her in the first place was that she is a Vegetarian, and she tells all her other patients to give up meat. Her logic was that the Vegetarian diet wasn’t working for me, so give up the carbs and add the meat. 

I got serious. I knew the problem was that I was a junk food Vegetarian. There is no meat in Potato Chips, right? Plus I was drinking about 80 oz of Starbuck Americano’s with cream EVERY day. (this was my comfort food-people identified me by my coffee cup). I started making changes. The biggest change was reading “The China Study”. I became a Vegan and by Christmas I had lost 8 lbs. 

When I returned from the Holidays my much anticipated invite to join the Vegan Weight Loss Club was in my mail box. I LEAPED on it. Joining changed all my eating habits. I bought measuring cups, spoons, and a food scale. Started a food journal and kept counting calories. Instead of driving to work, I started using public transportation and walking whenever possible. My cable has Exercise TV, so I switch it up. Pretty much I have averaged 2 lbs loss a week. 

I do modify and avoid adding oils, depending on natural fats in nuts, seeds, avocados etc. I could write an ode to the tomato and potato. I don’t think a day has gone by without my eating a potato. Did I say I kinda have a thing for potatoes? 

I no longer crave sweets. I occasionally have that… wait for it… POTATO chips. I don’t deny myself anything, its more like INTENTIONAL eating. Oh by the way. I was in a size 16W and now am in a 8/10. More 8 than 10 (depends on the brand). 

In June I contacted Cynthia (VWL) thanking her because I had gone from 207 to 180. She asked me to write this blurb. I wanted to include a photo. Then I realized that I avoid photo ops. In the time it has taken me to find a photo I have dropped to 164. I went to that same doctor last week. Was she satisfied? Well she did say she was proud. But when she lifted the flab of fat affectionally called my belly, she asked if it a Caesarian scar. I explained that it was just fat. Good old doctor gave me some abdominal exercises, not necessarily guaranteed to get rid of the flab, ‘but everyone should have a strong core’. 

VWL rocks!

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