Vegans and Libido

Vegans and Libido

libidoI have been vegan for over two months now and have noticed a drop in my male libido. This could be a good thing since I’m pushing 60 and don’t need to have as much attention on this as when I was younger. I certainly feel calmer and more relaxed about it now. Guys and girls, what has been your experience: better, the same, or worse? Have you noticed a difference with your vegan mate?

VegFamily readers reply:

After being vegetarian for over 17 years, and vegan for the past 7 of those, my libido is as strong as ever. I definitely think that the consumption of animal parts and fluids, and the resulting widespread arterial blockage from the animal fat & cholesterol, has a big impact on why so many men have libido problems, and why viagra is immensely popular.

I know that others will talk about how virility can be improved with a cleaner diet, and it’s true. Without the inherent problems of insulin swings, clogged arteries, etc….ALL bodily functions improve.

However, I have a different argument: Except in rare cases (such as TV shows where obese people have a 24 hr.chef and trainer, and are away from their own home and kitchen) it takes MUCH more than two months on a new diet for most body changes other than loss of a few pounds. This is especially true for hormonal changes….even when one is trying for those changes. Take, for instance, those who want to build muscle fast and become larger than their body can from weight-lifting. WHen they aren’t willing to wait and want more than their genetics and the gym can give them, they inject themselves with steroids (hormones) and lift weights throughout the process. I’ve been working in gyms for 20 years, and though I’m adamantly against the use of steroids, I know it exists and I see it. Moreover, I’m fully aware of the abundance of steroids information (both positive and negative) available online. There are many proponents advocating it, but also those who oppose it completely. I’ve seen changes happen so fast in men’s bodies that they get stretch marks on their shoulders, chest,thighs, and elsewhere. There’s no faster way to implement hormonal changes than through injections, and even then, it takes them 4-6 months to see big changes, and a year to see drastic ones.

Therefore, I suspect that your libido changes in 2 months time aren’t real, but are imagined. You say you don’t mind, so maybe you didn’t worry your way into it, but it’s still possible that you “wondered” your way into it. Once you quit thinking about it, I believe everything will return to normal…which, by the way, for a 60 yr.old man, is likely to change regardless of diet.

Yeah growing up I was told “meat” or flesh eating causes a high desire/need to procreate even though one doesn’t desire to have babies…I was explained the Yang energy of flesh causes this drive/confusion. And then there’s the Full Moon too =) he he he…most living beings feel the need to mate during one. Romantic & all as it’s been passed down the ages…;)wink wink hope this helps..oh yeah I just strarted being vegan more succesfully but as a semi-vegetarian celabacy was a psychological/emotional commitment to not putting myself in a situation in bringing a child in this crazy world. So for me it was different but I feel my only fish once a month, only non-fat yogurt as my dairy & eggs helped in my commitment. Even though I ended up having one boy no more though seperated & that’s it. Wking on gettting a pet for my lonely one, Mom’s not enough =( So yes! I have found this to be true.

I started as a vegetarian and became a vegan.I am 62 years old.I feel very much better being a vegan than a vegetarian.I do not suffer from any form of headaches.I have high blood pressure with raised cholestrol.After becoming a vegan my cholestrol reading is down to below the normal when the doctor reduced my dosage to half.He had told me that he will stop that medication soon.My blood pressure is normal 110/70 and the doctor will review that soon.Actually I had stopped on my own for a day and saw no rise in my blood pressure.Initially my libido was low but soon I realised it was my mind. Now it is normal for my age and I think being a vegan and taking all the supplements I am having my normal sex life.I lift light weights, do pressure cycling and walk 7km a day.I still work for a living and I know very well that I am going to live long.

I have been Vegan over 6 years. i have NEVER had a libido issue from it… Eat more Raw Fruit Nuts and Seeds….you are what you eat my friend…and cut out the Soy, or at least cut down on it. May the Schwartz be with you!

Herbal Thom:
I understand where you’re coming from. I’d noticed that I am much more peaceful and laid back on the veg diet. This is partly due to the focus on soy-based foods and their high phyto-estrogen content. Although, all vegetables have phytosterols, soy has the highest concetrations due to it’s extra processing. If this is a concern of yours, you can focus on better protein sources form nuts and seeds which are even more nourishing than soy. You may also incorporate tonic herbs and superfoods like Maca, Ginseng, Saw Palmetto or Epimeddium, which help encourage healthy glandular function.

My husband (32) became a veg. almost 2 yrs. ago and I have not noticed any differenceon his male livido. My father, 64 says he has never felt the difference…He has being a veg for a few years…

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