Vegans, Insects and Rodents

Vegans, Insects and Rodents

no-bed-bugsI am considering a change in my approach to eating and living a more humane lifestyle. I can see many benefits to veganism but have lots of questions – most of which I’ve been able to resolve through my own reading and research. One question stands out and I’m hoping you can provide some answers. How do vegans handle insect control? I live in an area that has a lot of insects and rodents I really can’t just ignore them in my house. It can get a bit out of control at times if I don’t keep some sort of regular chemical defense in place. It’s not that I want to kill them but I don’t want them living with me or feasting on my skin or eating my food. Do you have a better way to handle keeping your home free of rodents and insects (spiders, ants, roaches, bedbugs, etc)?


VegFamily readers respond:


Susan: Everybody goes back outside. I live in the south and roaches are a problem. I have cats that usually alert me to an invader. I just scoop it up and toss it quickly out the door! Same goes with spiders. I used to be terrified to even go near one, but now it’s no biggie. Ants are an occasional problem, and depending on the severity, I’ll either leave them alone or quickly put an end to them, which I hate doing and feel terrible afterward. I don’t use harsh chemicals because of us (the humans), the cats, and the environment. Plus they can make for a long and painful death, which I do not condone. A good word of advice though for anyone, is to make sure cracks and crevices are sealed. Not only do bugs get in that way, but it wastes a lot of energy and money.

Gaurang: Ants hate Cucumbers. Keep the skin of cucumbers near the place where they are or at the ant hole. To get rid of mice or rats sprinkle black pepper in places where you find mice & rats. They will run away.

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